Boss Black LeatherPlus Executive Chair is for the Connoisseur of Seating Luxury

If you have to spend most of your work hours seated and don’t mind spending the odd extra buck for a truly luxurious sitting experience, then the aptly named Boss Black LeatherPlus Executive Chair does in no way disappoint. If you have till yet settled for ordinary chairs then do not let that continue till it does some major harm. Ergonomic chairs have become the norm over the past due to their health and comfort related benefits. And executives demand the very best when it comes to the comfort of their office or work space.

Boss Black LeatherPlus Executive Chair
Boss Black LeatherPlus Executive Chair

However, while scouting for the ergonomic chair that fits you perfectly there are certain factors that should be kept in mind. This are indispensable for any ergonomic chair that worth its salt.

The Seat Height

Office chairs with adjustable heights are the norm these days and with due scientific reason behind it. Boss Black LeatherPlus Executive Chair is adjustable within the comfortable range of 45 and 48-1/2 inches high. This ensures that your back may take positions of rest with ease and comfort.

The Seat Dimensions

The dimensions of an ergonomic chair should such be that everybody may use it with equal comfort. Of particular interest is the depth of the chair.  This 28 inches deep chair is perfectly suited for people of various shapes and sizes.

Does it Support the Lumbar?

The lumbar support of a particular chair is the highest determining factor as far as ergonomics is concerned. Chairs that support the inward curve of the lumbar spine prevent it from overstretching and causing strains. The Boss Black LeatherPlus Executive Chair is specially designed keeping this in mind and is perfect for those with back problems.

What Kind of Backrest Does it Provide?

You back and the health of your body is in safe hands with this chair. Not does the comfy 26-1/2 inches width give you plenty of space, its distinctive waterfall seat design helps to prevent fatigue of the legs. Now even people with bad backs may comfortably carry out their tasks on a day to day basis.

What Material is the Chair Made Up Of?

With looks of nappa leather, this Leather Plus chair is made up of materials that may be said to be a cross between vinyl and leather. Considering that materials are an important determinant in a chair’s comfort the Boss does score high on this factor indeed.

Boss Black LeatherPlus Executive Chair

If you are particular about your seating arrangements and seek a rare fusion of style and comfort then this chair must be on your probable list. It also has an Upright Position lock while the tilt too is adjustable. With a weight capacity of two hundred and fifty pounds, it ensures that even heavy people have a comfortable seat in it. Another plus is its easy maintenance as it may be cleaned with mild soap and water.

Flash Furniture Mid-Back Mesh Chair: The Multipurpose Chair with an Affordable Seat

If you are on the lookout for some furniture and would like to go for a comfortable yet stylish ultra modern look with a mid-back mesh chair as your seating solution then you have come to the right place with the model BL-X-5M-BK-GG from the house of Flash Furniture. Attired in regal black, this chair with a nylon base adds a welcome edgy look to the place it is kept. The specifics that differentiate a regular from an exceptional chair especially with regards to styling follow:

Mid Back Mesh Chair Leather Seat Flash Funiture
Mid Back Mesh Chair Leather Seat Flash Funiture

The Height of the Seat

A good chair always as a rule has an adjustable height. BL-X-5M-BK-GG Mid-Back Mesh Chair has roomy height of 37.5 – 41.25”. This allows you easily ease into a position that is comfortable and you can continue to work without stressing your back too much. Its Pneumatic Seat Height Adjustment mechanism conforms to international standards.

The Dimensions of the Seat

Ergonomic chairs tend to have dimensions that lend them to be used by various people without compromising on comfort. In this factor the depth of a chair assumes special significance. The BL-X-5M-BK-GG Mid-Back Mesh Chair from Flash Furniture has an overall depth of 25 inches, which would suffice for most people.

Support for the Lumbar

From the ergonomic point of view support for the lumbar constitute an important ingredient in making a truly ergonomic chair. The lumbar happens to be a part of spine that has an inward curve. This prevents strains resulting from overstretching. The BL-X-5M-BK-GG Mid-Back Mesh Chair from Flash Furniture has built in lumbar support which ensures that your back is in good and reliable hands.

The Backrest Factor

Needless to say, a good backrest is vital for a chair, the BL-X-5M-BK-GG Mid-Back Mesh Chair has a Back Size of 20” in width x 23” in height. Though it is indeed true that people with high obesity might find this chair to be uncomfortable for long, tedious and day to day tasks but for most ordinary folks this chair would do fine.

The Materials of the Chair

The mesh of the chair not only improves airflow but looks fashionable and upscale as well. The faux leather variant is highly comfortable to sit and work in. This chair makes one take a good posture by its inherent design and hence is highly recommended for people with posture problems.

The BL-X-5M-BK-GG Mid-Back Mesh Chair, Overall

This mid back design chair has a weight capacity of 250 pounds which is good enough for most people. Stylishly designed with lumbar support this chair delivers on its promises that are evoked by its design. Barring a few hiccups this chair is an excellent buy overall. The nylon base is well suited for heavy duty tasks and the foam of the seat is also of a special fire resistant variety (CA117). The dual wheel casters afford stability along with flexibility of movement, a fusion that is rare to achieve. On the whole, it turns out to be a good enough multipurpose chair.

New Ergonomic Mesh Computer Office Desk Task Midback Task Chair w/Metal Base H12

There are things that you have to look at when buying an office chair. Some of them include the reclining seat back, armrests, proper wheels, adjustable height, lumbar support and comfort of the chair among others .If you have been looking for the most comfortable office chairs in the market, then you should shop for New Ergonomic mesh-computer office mildback task-chair w/metal-base H12. You can get this brand of chair from the local stores as well as online.

New Ergonomic Mesh Computer Office Desk Task Midback Task Chair w/Metal Base H12

Features of the product

To begin with, the seat size of this chair measures 18” W x 19” D. It also has an adjustable height ranging from 19-23 inches. The back size of the equipment is 17” W x 20”H. Furthermore, it allows for a 360 degrees swivel while in use. The comfortable armrests that accompany the chair make it to be one in its own class.

Pros of the chair

• The chair provides ultimate comfort for those who want something comfortable for them

• It is also durable, thanks to the solid construction.

• The mesh fabric seat and backs greatly contributes to the beauty of this seat making it good for any office.

• Using the chair is very simple since you can adjust the height according to the level of your office desk.

• You do not need to worry about your weight because the chair is supportive.

Customer review and scores on the chair


The comfort, solid construction and adjustable height of the chair make it second to none. A 4/5 will not be bad for this product.


The 360 degrees swivel and comfortable armrests are among the features that made to shop for this chair for my home based office. In terms of rating, then I can give it a 5/5.


If there is one thing that makes me to fall in love with product repeatedly then it should be comfort. Turn around through an angle of 360 degrees makes me feel like the only boss in the work when am using this chair. It deserves a 4/5 and if not for the price, I would give it more than that.


If I were to buy another chair for my office then I would still go for New Ergonomic mesh-computer office mildback task-chair w/metal-base H12. The chair is durable, comfortable and affordable. For the scores, 5/5 will do it justice.

Cons of the chair

• Adjusting the height can be tricky especially for someone who is using the chair for the first time.

• It does not come with any instructions that can guide you on how to use it.

In conclusion, the New Ergonomic mesh-computer office mildback task-chair w/metal-base H12 is unidisputedly the most comfortable office chair in the market. The adjustable height feature provided on the seat, breathable mesh fabric and its ability to support heavily built individuals makes the chair one of the best. You can shop for the same online or from the local stores in town. You should not waste time looking at other chairs when you are aware of a chair that will rarely disappoint you in all aspects including price.

Tips for cleaning the workplace more effectively

Cleaning your office does not only make it neat but also virtually appealing. In addition, working in clean environment boosts the morale of your employees. In our discussion below, we have outlined some of the tips for cleaning the work place more effectively.

cleaning the workplace

Organize your papers

It is disgusting to walk into an office where papers are flying all over the place. Furthermore, it is time consuming and difficult to locate certain documents in a disorganized office. You can have cabinets for storage of invoices, vendor information, work orders and customer profiles among others. In case you have limited space, then it will be wise for you to scan some of the documents so that you store them electronically.

Disinfect the office restrooms

Restrooms often attract high traffic hence disinfecting them will be a good idea. Ensure that you scrub bowls within the toilet as well as the toilet brushes before storing them. Wiping the sink and the counter with a treated cleaner will also make your restroom attractive. You should also sweep and mop their floors thoroughly more frequently. Remember to have the toilets soap dispensers refilled once they run empty and the toilet tissue rolls replaced.

Keep your electronics clean and dust free

Many people forget that computers and other electronics need cleaning. You should use a soft piece of cloth with the right detergent to remove the dust from your electronic every time you are cleaning. Some of the electronics you should clean are keyboards and telephones.

Thoroughly clean the break room

The break room is one of the most sensitive areas within any office that should remain clean. A clean break room takes care of your employees’ safety and health. Very few people would love working in an office where hygienic conditions are poor.

Empty the dirt bins daily

Remove the dirt from the bins in the break rooms, rest rooms as well as other public areas. This will keep your office smart while at the same time preventing pests like the sunk creating a home in areas.

Decorate your office with flowers

Nothing pleases your visitors than an office full of flowers. You can place an order for artificial as well as natural flowers to add to your office. In case you go for the natural flowers, you have to remove them every evening so that you replace them with others in the morning.

Use cleaning tools

Tools such as vacuum cleaners among others will make your work easy and effective. While buying the cleaning equipments you should consider your budget, their durability, ease of use and the reason as to why you are shopping for them.

Choosing an Office Chair

An office chair is not as ordinary as it looks. It is a very pivotal facet of work productivity and employee health. The moment you know the tricks for best office chair designs and placement, you will either be a very happy employee or employer. The ergonomic office chair has gained traction in it awareness and more people are purchasing these chairs. The stresses and pressure to perform and excel in the work place have placed an even more robust emphasis on ensuring the workers sit on ergonomic office chairs. The trick really, is to identify what type of chair is good for the back, the legs, the feet and the neck. You do not want a chair that will strain any of your muscles or put undue pressure on your spine. Many diseases which are avoidable have been blamed for poor positioning and the sitting position is principal in all of those complications. Find a comfortable chair which will safeguard the long term health of those who will be seated for several hours.

Office Chairs

There is always a rush to buy the coolest looking chair in terms of aesthetics. There is nothing wrong in buying a fancy chair but the question that you have to ask yourself is if it is ergonomic. There are stylish chairs which are appropriate for the office environment. One key thing that you should know is that no chair fits everyone, chairs do not have a one fits all characteristic, even those that look adjustable. People have different sizes and shapes and these are some of the things that should be looked into before buying or making an ergonomic office chair. The mistake that most employers or facilitators make is neglecting the factors of size and shape. They fear that the costs on the company will be pushed upwards in order to accommodate special needs so comes in the fear of customizing. But while that may be a genuine concern, the well-being of employees comes first. See, it might even cost more when employees report complications and cannot work fully to their potential harming productivity and profits or your company may be sued for a lot of money if someone had a pre-existing soft tissue condition and it was exacerbated by the office chairs they sat on.

For tricks for best office chair advice it may well be a good thing to consult. What is meant by consultation? Before you embark on the task of buying an ergonomic office chair, it would be prudent to approach certain individuals for advice. Most offices would pass up an opportunity to talk to, say, an ergonomist or ergonomic consultant. Such individuals together with interior designers and healthcare professionals. Working together with these professionals will put your workers to safety and save the company costs in the long run. Interior designers will help you organise your office in such a way that chairs fit well with the workstations that employees use. Having an ergonomic char by an unsupportive desk and computer placement will be fruitless in achieving employee’s health. It will be more consequential, however, when they are supported by an organised office arrangement that will motivate workers and enable proper sitting positions. Health professionals are useful for awareness and advice on how people should sit. The recommendation of health professionals may even be needed in the decision to buy chairs. Ergonomists ensure proper circumstances for productivity in the office and office chairs are part of their assessment on what is going to boot productivity or not. Office chairs are a factor in overall employee productivity and output at the end of the year and so working closely with professionals will no doubt help you in selecting the best chairs.

Office Chair

So, selecting an ergonomic chair and working with professionals are just some of the tricks for the best office char selection. As some companies have regrettably learned, failing to invest in these two pieces of valuable advice have cost them loses in either law suits or compensation fees for workers who have filed complaints about uncomfortable working conditions. But this should not be left in the hands of the employers alone, employees have an obligation to report any discomfort they have from sitting down. Workers ought to be proactive on their own health as they sit in the office chairs from morning to evening.

Tricks for best office chairs

Many people all around the world spend most of their time in the office chair. When they sit in that chair in the morning, they will only leave it for lunch and bathroom breaks. Considering the amount of time that one spends in this chair, it is important to ensure that it is of the highes quality possible. Moreover, this chair should have the right ergonomics. These are the shapes and formations in the chair that ensure it is comfortable to sit in and does not harm the body when used. Officially, ergonomics is described as the use of scientific information to design objects, surroundings and systems for human use. This application makes it more comfortable to use these items.

best office chairs

An office chair should exhibit the correct ergonomics. This is despite the position that one takes while sitting in it. The overall design of the chair should also promote the comfort of the person sitting in the chair. Proper ergonomics of the office chair should promote the circulation of blood in the thighs and waist area. Also, the person sitting in the chair should not strain their muscles to ensure comfortable sitting in a chair with good ergonomics. The chair should also reduce pressure on the spine. The person sitting in the chair should maintain the S formation in the spine comfortably. Here are tips and tricks for best office chairs.

Height capability of the chair

When shopping for these, there are a number of tricks for best office chairs that you can make use of. One of the tricks is to look out for the height of the chair. This is easily the most important part of the chair. In a proper office chair, your feet should relax flat on the floor. Your thighs should not be compressed at all. If they are, blood flow to the legs will be constricted. The chair should be just the right height from the ground. The best height of the chair is where your elbows are half an inch from the table top while your shoulders are relaxed and squared.

The depth of the seat

A comfortable office chair should have proper seat depth. When using it, one should sit right in the chair with their back resting upon the back of the chair effortlessly. Moreover, one should achieve this without pressing one’s knees against the chair. This means that your lumbar is properly supported.

It should have proper lumbar support

The back of the chair must have the ability to move up and down properly. This provides the required support for one’s lumbar parts. Also, the back of the chair must have the right shape. This promotes comfort for the shoulders. The arms should not be restricted and your back should maintain the proper S shape of the spine.

Tilting ability of the back rest

The back rest of the office chair should be able to tilt backwards easily and comfortably. This allows one to sit using various postures. For example one can tilt it way back and recline with their feet up upon the desk. One can also tilt it just a bit for comfort while working. The back rest should have a large degree of tilting ability. Normally, when resting upon the back rest, the angle between the thighs and the chest should be between 95 and 105 degrees. This angle allows for easier breathing which results in better cognitive ability.

best office chairs

Dynamic features

People cannot sit in the office for too long without getting tired and shifting their positions. Thus, the office chair should allow for the person sitting in it to move around, adjust the height, back rest and arm lengths and angles comfortably. The chair should allow the person using it to interact with it as oftena s they want to without any problems or hiccups. The parts of the chair should move around easily without requiring excess force to be applied.

Ensure it has armrests

Considering the many hours that people spend in office chairs, then it is very crucial that they have arm rests. These are special padded areas where one can place their arms and relax them. Some arm rests come fixed and others can be adjusted. The proper ones to get are the adjustable arm rests. They allow for one to fix their height at the most comfortable level for their own arms. To get high quality chairs, use these tricks for best office chairs available.

Things you should consider when buying Home office desk chairs

Starting a home business can be a very exciting thing. However, you need to know the type of furniture that you need within your business. One of the most crucial pieces of furniture that you can include in your office is the home office desk chairs. Shopping for these chairs can be a daunting task especially if you do not have adequate knowledge about the same. In our discussion below, we have outlined some of the things you need to consider before buying home office desk chairs.

Home office desk chairs

How much do you have?

The amount of money you have with you is very important. Best quality home office desks chairs are more costly. This does not mean that you cannot get good chairs at lower prices. With the budget at the back of your mind, you can check for some of the best deals within the market.

Is there space within your office?

The size of your office will determine the number as well as the size of chairs you have to buy. Similarly, if you do not have many employees then you will require a few chairs. As you buy, ensure that you do not shop for more or less.

Comfort of your employees

Comfortable Home office desk chairs tend to increase on the productivity of your employees. Therefore, as you buy, try to check at the type of material used in designing the chairs. For ultimate comfort, you can buy the mid back or the high back office chairs that come with a built lumbar support or a flexible one.

The ease of Cleaning

Good chairs should be very easy to clean. You should not shop for chairs that tend to show stains easily because they are likely to make you office to look disgusting. This will in turn lower the morale of your staff something that may lead to reduced production.

Home office desk chairs

Aesthetics considerations

You should select chairs that have consistency in terms of color, look as well as design with the other pieces of furniture within the office. This will help in making your office stylistic unlike when you decide to pick randomly. In addition, consistent pieces of furniture tend to create calmness within the working environment.

Durability of the chairs

It will be a waste of time and money buying delicate chairs. Before picking on any of the chairs, you have to ensure that they have a solid construction. The type of material used in making these pieces of furniture is equally very important.

Is ergonomics one of your concerns?

If that is the case, then you should avoid chairs with bells and whistles but instead select one that has features like controls for adjusting the height as well as the backrest. Chairs that have waterfall-seating edges can be a good option for your office.

Weight capacity

Because you will be receiving visitors of all sizes, you need to shop for chairs that can sustain heavy weight individuals. It will be very costly to have a chair breaking down in the middle of a meeting.